Friday, October 28, 2016

Chore Time

The sun is sinking lower in the sky, and there is a coolness in the air. You don't have to listen hard to hear the bleating of restless goats as they know what time is coming . . .

Dad feeding the girls and their kids 

We had another litter of baby rabbits born recently, and Leah removed the covering of fur to check on them . . . all eight are doing well!

They are so cute! It won't be long before their eyes will be opening. 

On my way to get water for the rabbits

In the evening light, I captured a few photos from around our place, too . . . .

My rose bush has continued its profusion of beautiful blooms 

A few remaining tomatoes on the vines . . . it's a bit unusual to still be getting tomatoes from our garden when November is just around the corner! It has been so nice to still have homegrown ones to eat.

Purple beans in the garden.
The fall bean crop has been excellent! In addition to putting them up in the freezer, we've been enjoying fresh beans sauted in a bit of butter with garlic which is delicious.

Brilliantly colored marigolds. Mom had planted a bunch of these for color and as a pest deterrent, and they have grown and bloomed so well.

Another beautiful Autumn day drawing to a close!

In other news, this morning Leah and I were able to meet a sweet woman I had met online through blogging (her blog is: Authentic Virtue.) It has been an encouragement to see her heart for the Lord and trust in Him, and especially as she and her husband have been walking quite a difficult path the past several months as they look forward to welcoming their precious son, Uriah, into the world. She is also someone who radiates joy, and Leah and I loved our time with her! (Thank you so much, Frannie!)


  1. Such a pretty skirt, Sarah! Too pretty for choring!:-) I've noticed that the ladies in your family now occasionally wear slacks. Is this a new decision? I had the impression from previous posts that y'all only wore skirts.


    1. Thanks, Betsy! Well, my chores are pretty 'non-dirty' ones right now :) especially with how dry it is. Plus clothes can wash!

      We wear skirts about 99% of the time, and yes, we do wear pants with long tops/tunics over them when it would be more modest and safe to do so (which we began doing several years ago.) Those times would be ones like at the riding center and most hiking ventures (helps prevent ticks/tick bites, too!) We used to wear only skirts, though as we studied modesty out further, realized that wearing pants with a longer top/tunic over them fit within the scriptural instruction for women to dress "modestly and discreetly." And it is still feminine, too!

    2. Oh, goodness--after what all you went through with Lyme disease awhile back, you are definitely wise to wear the slacks for hiking if it helps! I agree that the tunic tops are modest, feminine, and pretty! What do you do for colder weather, though? Those tunics seem more summery and light.


    3. The tick-borne illness was actually one of the things that made us first start thinking about it, Betsy. :) In answer to your question, we rarely do activities that need pants/tunics in colder weather. If we do, though, we simply put a coat or sweater over the tunic which works well!

  2. Sarah, I'm commenting very little at the moment , having been very unwell. But had to say that I'm so delighted that you met Frannie. I have followed her blog with interest for some years and am praying for her at the moment while she waits.
    How lovely to have a late rose or two, even in November.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that you are still so sick, Elizabeth! I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. (((hugs))) I have been praying for your husband, too.

    It was so nice to meet Frannie! (I had been reading her blog for years as well. :) She is just as warm and sweet in person as she is through her blog. That is wonderful that you are praying for her, too! I know how much she appreciates the prayers!

    It is indeed lovely to have the roses blooming so late. Wish I could cut some and bring them to you to brighten up your day while you are ill!

  4. It was such a delight getting to meet you and Leah, Sarah! Your time with me was such a joy and encouragement!

    Looking forward to getting together again in the future! :)

    Love and blessings!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Frannie! It was a joy and encouragement to us as well. :) We, too, are looking forward to getting together again and hopefully soon! Continuing to pray for you! (((hugs)))


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