Thursday, October 20, 2016

Creek Play

A sunny Monday . . . temperature near 90 degrees . . . our sweet friend Molly . . . four of our favorite little people (her children :) . . . a picnic lunch . . . and a creek to play in. It was the perfect combination for a wonderful afternoon!

We began with a picnic lunch underneath the trees which was fun! After eating and while the children played nearby, Molly, Leah and I talked for awhile which was so nice. As we shared different circumstances in our lives, past and present, the conversation turned to trusting the Lord and promises in His Word. It was really an encouragement and also refreshing to talk with her.

Eventually we packed up the lunch things and headed to the creek . . . .

Molly and Sadie and Will and I throwing rocks in the creek

You might recognize these dear little friends :) . . . Will (who I work with at the therapeutic riding center) and his three sisters. These children are some of the sweetest, happiest, most fun, caring, and enthusiastic children. We always love the times spent with them and their mom, Molly!

Suzi with an armful of rocks to go throw in the creek . . . we threw in lots of rocks this day!

His expression after throwing one in and seeing the big splash

Leah and sweet Sadie
Photo by Layla (with some help :) . . . I had no clue what type of photos we were getting, but loved this one!

Another Layla photo

Molly with two of her girls, Suzi and Sadie. She is an amazing mom! Leah and I love watching her with her children.

More rock throwing

Layla wasn't so sure about the water at first, so we ventured across the creek together hand in hand looking for little fish swimming in the water. We made it to the other side and then explored for a bit.

Leah found a frog in the water and was showing it to the girls. Suzi wasn't quite sure if it was 'safe' or not so she climbed in Leah's lap to look at it!

Will eventually wanted to go into the water as well which was a new experience for him to go creek wading! We walked quite a ways down together and had lots of fun (and threw in more rocks, too) . . . it was so special to have his hands holding tightly to mine as we adventured together. How I love this sweet boy! (And his sisters!)

Darling girls all wet after running up and down the creek (and face-planting a few times!)

It was so fun spending this time with Molly and her children and watching the children thoroughly enjoy themselves in the water . . . and thoroughly enjoying ourselves along with them. :)

Plus enjoying hugs, smiles, laughter, good conversations, funny antics, and cute sayings. One question from the day was: "What is God's middle name?" :) The things children say and ask!

We certainly made the most of one of the last unusually warm days for this time of year!

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