Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Favorite Phone Apps

Having a smartphone has been so nice and for many reasons . . . from being able to check weather when we're traveling, keeping up with my Etsy store, texting, taking photos, and much more.

I also love a number of apps that I use and wanted to share with you all my top favorites . . . .

Scripture Typer

This first one is for Bible verse memorization, and it has been such a help! I am amazed at the ease of memorizing Scriptures this way, and I have been able to memorize many more since I first began using it.

You add the verses that you would like to memorize (and then once they are memorized, a check mark appears next to them, as you can see in the photo.) 

To memorize, there are three different 'steps', and in each one you type out the verse by typing the first letter of each word.

The three steps are:
1st: TYPING - every word of the whole verse is shown
2nd: MEMORIZING - Select words are removed (as it is in the above photo)
3rd: MASTERING  - No words are shown

When you mistype a word, the phone vibrates and the word is shown in red.

This photo is from the 3rd 'step' of memorizing which is 'mastering' . . . so when I began this one, there were no words showing. The passage was typed through (save for the reference which was typed after the photo), with the red word being one I missed.

Success! The verse was successfully memorized. Once you memorize a verse, it goes into the review section. The first review is done the next day, and each time you correctly review the verse, the days between reviews is lengthened. 

Once a verse or passage is memorized this way, I like to recite it occasionally separately from the phone as well, as I find that sometimes with using the app, I can get a bit of 'muscle memory' instead of really knowing the verse well.

Tecarta Bible

This next app is my top favorite, and one that I really love using when reading and studying the Bible. You can use the free version (which requires WiFi) or purchase it for a small fee which allows use without WiFi. Since the NASB is my favorite Bible translation, I selected that version with Strong's concordance.

I'll touch on my favorite feature of it here . . .

The entire Bible is on it, and you first select the book and then the chapter you would like to read/study.

The underlined words (which are hard to see in the photo!) are linked to the Strong's number and definition for that word and Thayer's definition of it.

Simply place your finger on one of the underlined words and hold for a second. Then click "Strong's" in the top right corner. 

 Then you get the definitions of it! This is SO helpful in study as it often gives a deeper and more thorough understanding of the words. And sometimes, a more accurate understanding as well! (And as a side note, the above word is not the same one my finger was on in the previous photo. :)

As mentioned, I love using this app when studying Scripture!

Hebrew Interlinear and Koine Interlinear (by stefankmitph)

These next two are interlinears of both the Old and New Testaments. They give the literal Greek words, the direct English translation of them, and then are also linked to Strong's. These are also quite helpful for gaining a better understanding of the words and their meaning.

The main screen where you select the book, chapter, and verse

 The first verse of the New Testament

The Berean Call (by Subslash Consulting)

And last but not least, The Berean Call app. I love this one! There is so much on it, and some of my favorites are their radio programs from 2015 and 2016, and then each week, their new radio program is added. They also have all the conference videos (or audio if you would rather just listen) from the 2015 and 2016 conferences. Such a wealth of excellent teaching right at your fingertips!

The current radio programs (at least at the time I took the photo :)

So if you have a smartphone, you might want to try these apps. I would highly recommend them!


  1. Oh my, Sarah, I am missing a lot by having an elderly mobile phone! It doesn't even take photos!

    1. Your comment made me smile, Elizabeth! I remember the days of the "elderly mobile phone." :) In fact, it wasn't so many years ago that that is all I had, too! It does it's job though of being able to make calls!

  2. Hi Sarah, what an interesting blog you wrote. Very different from what you usually wrote. :) I will have to try out Scripture Typer. Thanks for the suggestion! Sorry, I haven't made comments in a long time. Have been busy. Want to say I'm glad you & Leah had great road trips out to Colorado and to see your Grandma. Sad that you're stopping making dolls but happy for you that your soap business is doing well. Cool that you're making the lip balm. Is that hard to make? Maybe someday I will buy your lip balm and soap. :) Happy Thanksgiving Sarah! (Before you wished me a happy thanksgiving, mine was last month in case you forgot I'm Canadian. :)

    1. So nice to read your long comment, Leah! Thank you! (And I well understand being busy. :)

      If you do try Scripture Typer, I hope you like it! It helps so much with Scripture memorization.

      Thank you for all your kind words! It is a little sad to stop making the dolls. It was fun to do while it lasted! No, the lip balm isn't hard to make . . . the hardest part is coming up with a good recipe to use!

      Happy Canadian Thanksgiving last month. :) (And yes, I had forgotten you were from Canada so thanks for mentioning that!)

  3. You are making amazing use of your phone. Mine has become a go to for camera and calls only. I miss the days of having a landline phone and that was it.

    1. Smartphones can really be a blessing, Suze! I know what you mean, though, about sometimes missing only having a landline. That simplicity and not always being 'connected' definitely has its benefits.

  4. Oh my word! The scripture typed would've been perfect for when I was in school. Haha! We had bible class and a part of it was memorizing parts of a chapter at a time, and then we were tested on it at the end of the week. However, it can also be useful now. ;-)

    1. It sounds like it would have been helpful, Gabby! Well, if you decide to use it now, I hope it is a great help in memorization for you!


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