Friday, November 18, 2016

Life Lately

What a busy last few weeks it has been here! The predominate theme has been business work (more on that in just a bit) with many other things squeezed in plus the pleasantness of daily life.

This week, it was special to have Leah join me at the nursing home. She and I took turns playing the piano, and then since there were two of us, we sang in harmony. Sickness has been moving through the nursing home, so sadly, many of the residents were not well and were in their rooms. Though after going back to see my dear friend, J., she wanted to come and join us at the piano. There were also a number of other residents scattered around - some leaning forward in their chairs listening with a smile on their faces. How I love the times spent there! It is always so good to see everyone and to spend that time with them!

One day last week, we had some company over who had been wanting to visit the antique store that is nearby, so we went there in the evening and spent a few hours walking through it. We had a great time! The 11 year old girl and I spent most of the time together looking at different things and talking which was fun. One thing that we saw was this . . . .

A cast iron standing, draining soap dish! Now to get it cleaned up, restored, and ready to use. :)

Another current project has been fixing website problems . . . we're not exactly sure how (it's a long story!), but somehow we lost our church website and couldn't access the admin sign-in page. After communication back and forth with our hosting company and hours of work for Dad and I on our end, it was finally accessible! But since the website wasn't backed-up by us (not sure how we overlooked doing that) and the hosting company holds its back-ups for only a few days, the website needs to be rebuilt from scratch. I started on that project today, though it will be awhile before it is finished!

Over the last month or so, in spare bits of time, I have also been working on my last custom-made doll order plus an extra outfit for a special customer. Since she didn't need them until mid-December, it has worked out well. Now everything is almost done!

The clothing nearly finished . . . one pinafore left to make! 

The face of the doll . . . and in need of hair. :)

It's kind of sad in a way to be finished making the dolls as it was enjoyable to do, but with my Niobrara Farms business growing so much, it's time to close that door. Plus, I enjoy the latter more anyway. :)

Speaking of that, over the last several months, I have been planning for a couple of new products, plus a number of gift sets. Work was slowly coming together on them and then the last several weeks, it began in earnest. Finishing researching and getting the rest of the supplies needed, making products, assembling the gift sets, photographing, editing photos, writing listings, and then listing!

It was exciting to see all the plans and work coming to fruition! So far, all the new items are listed on my Etsy store and I just need to get them listed on my website now as well.

Here are all the new products (save for four of the gift sets) . . . .

One of the five gift sets - this one is Lavender, and all the others are 'pick and choose' which varieties to include

The outside with the ribbon tied on

The ribbon color choices 

A new product for my stores! All Natural Lip Balm 

Bath Salts (and I am thinking I'll rephotograph them with the brown background instead - I think that would look better.)

Needless to say, these Autumn days have been pleasantly full!

And up until today, our weather had been simply gorgeous, and we had been thoroughly enjoying it . . . outdoor work for several of us, going for walks and runs, sitting outside and talking, and simply soaking up the warm sunshine while it lasted.

While we did have several frosts in the past week or so, overall the warmth of this beautiful Autumn had continued . . . until today! Yesterday was another warm day with the high around 80, but then that changed. As I type, I can hear the strong, cold winds blowing and the temperature has dropped a lot since a cold front is coming in. It felt a bit like winter outside tonight!

The sun setting last evening


  1. Your new products look beautiful! I know how much work it takes to develop new things - lots of research and preparation. Best wishes on that and also your website building. Oh, and the antique soap dish is cute!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! Yes, it certainly does take a lot of work. :) It's fun, though! Hope your soap business is going well for you!

  2. Sarah, your products just get better and better. The boxes look ideal for a gift set and the labels are so professionally done. (I'm just sad that shipping to UK is so impossible!)
    How lovely the doll's dresses are. I know the doll that I gave to a friend's baby is much treasured.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all your kind words! Good news . . . I can ship to the UK now. :) Some shipping restrictions changed awhile ago, so now my website is set up to ship to the UK!

      It made me smile about the doll you gave to your friend's baby. So glad to hear that!

  3. Your days sound delightful.

    1. They have been, Suze! I hope yours have been as well as you enjoy your awakening spring!

  4. Very nice soap dish! I am sorry to hear that you are not making the Annie dolls anymore. :-( The gift boxes look great, Sarah. Yes, the wind was howling here too and we built the first fire of the season in the woodstove. I'very had trouble with my blog and had to change my address. Very frustrating. ♡

    1. Thanks, Anne! It is a little sad about the Annie dolls . . . I might make some again in the future, though I don't think I'll ever be selling them again. They take such a long time to make!

      It certainly feels like winter is creeping closer now, doesn't it? A warm fire sounds delightful on these chilly days!

      Sorry to hear about your blog! And I'm glad you commented so I can know the new address. I had missed your posts!

  5. You always do such an excellent job displaying your products with such beauty! You are very talented and your work is always top notch!

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah, for your kind and encouraging words!


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