Friday, December 30, 2016

The Sister Outing that Was and Wasn't

Last week on a chilly, cloudy, dreary afternoon, Leah and I had the spontaneous idea to go to a nearby conservation area and drive through it to do some bird watching. It was only a few hours until the sun would set, so we hurried to get binoculars, bird books, and a camera together and then headed out.

We had such fun together during the drive! Music was playing, we were talking, laughing, and thoroughly enjoying our time together. Our first stop was a gas station to pick up some hot chocolate to enjoy (and help keep us warm! as while we bird watch at the conservation area, the windows are often down.) What came out of the machine into our cups, though, was brown tinged water - the machine wasn't working! So . . . nix that idea.

We continued on our way and eventually, pulled into the entrance to the conservation area. There we stopped to look at a large flock of swans that were in a harvested cornfield way in the distance. That was a treat to see! It was the most swans we had ever seen at one time before.

They are the white specks way in the distance

Driving further on in order to get closer to them, we were met with a blocked road, stop signs, and a sign saying the area was closed for duck hunting. Our sister outing was quickly coming to not much of anything!

We started brainstorming then . . . what else could we do outdoors that was close by? Go down by the river! So that's what we did. There was ice flowing down it which was neat to see . . . .

Looking downriver

Me photographing (photo courtesy of Leah's cell phone)

We had a lot of fun here! Soaking in the beauty and the cold, and as it was quite still out, it was also pleasant just listening to the ice and water flowing.

Ice on the river . . . the circle one looks almost like someone could just sit on it and use it as a boat and float downstream! 

Leah up at the top of the bank 

As much as we enjoyed our time there, one can only stand watching a river flow for so long :), so we headed home, but on a scenic gravel road which was fun. As we drove away from the river, it was neat to see another flock of swans fly overhead!

The gravel road winding through the woods of barren trees . . . such a peaceful, pleasant drive!


  1. I felt quite shivery looking at your icy river pictures.

    1. The pictures do indeed convey a sense of the chill, Elizabeth! :)

  2. The landscape with its subdued browns and austere but beautiful.
    You did well to capture the swan flight ~ aren't they exciting to hear and see? (not that I've ever seen so many in one go, only pairs, but they are still dramatic)
    I bet you needed that hot drink when you got back!

    1. I would agree, Alex! It has its own beauty.

      Oh yes, swans are indeed exciting to hear and see! They are not terribly common here which makes it all the more enjoyable. That is neat that you have seen pairs of them before!

  3. Ha-ha! You know that you are outdoor gals when a "chilly, cloudy, dreary" late afternoon draws you OUTSIDE instead of fireside. :-) Still, I think your choice was the more rewarding of the two. Lovely photos!


    1. Your comment made me smile, Betsy! We are indeed. :) And I would agree, it certainly was rewarding . . . we so enjoyed our time! Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I thought I would pop in and wish you a happy New Year. What a treat to see so many swans! I haven't seen any yet here in the Kansas City area. Thanks for sharing with us.



    1. It was so nice to her from you, Marqueta! Thank you! You're welcome for sharing. :) We don't often see swans here either which makes it an especial treat when we do.

      May you have a happy and blessed New Year as well!


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