Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Warm Days = Outdoor Work

This winter, our weather has been interesting to say the least! It might be only in the teens one day with lows below zero and then a few days later, it is in the 40's, and sometimes the 50's and 60's! We're enjoying another warm spell now before another ice storm hits this weekend.

Awhile back on one warmer day (which turned colder as it progressed), we all seemed to be bit early by the 'spring cleaning/work bug'!

Leah put up fence to give the goats a large, fresh area to browse, Mom opened up the windows and painted our living room, Dad worked on construction projects and beekeeping tasks, and I cleaned up outdoors, cleared out some areas that had gotten overgown, etc.

All the furniture in the center of the room, covered with plastic

Mom painting . . . it looks so nice and fresh now! 

Leah working on the fence while our curious wether looks on (this was after the temperature began dropping hence, the coat she is wearing.)

Lots of browse for them to enjoy!  

A little video Leah took with her phone of them having fun :) And this was after they had calmed down a bit! (And the goat you hear 'bellow' in the distance is our buck Rimrock who wasn't very happy he was left out.)

A line of Apple trees 

One of the things I did . . . haul all the unused fencing panels here and stack them (Dad helped me with several that were the very heavy ones which was nice!)

It felt so good to get so much accomplished! All the while enjoying simply beautiful weather. It makes the really cold days seem not so bad when they are interspersed with a taste of 'spring.'


  1. You have reminded me that I should take advantage of a reasonably sunny, but windy, day, and clean up the leaves in the garden.

    1. Sounds like a good task for a sunny day, Elizabeth. :) It won't be long and you'll have green things growing in your garden again!

  2. Hahaha! Those goats are so adorable!!!! I bet they make you smile every time you're out to feed them etc. :) I wouldn't complain if you ever happen to catch more goat-antics on video.

    Goodness, your weather has been a good bit warmer than ours. I'm afraid when things thaw here, it usually turns our place into a mud trap. Makes working outside a little difficult. Mud boots are indespensible! All this warm weather is giving my hubby and I spring fever though. Have you done any planning for your garden yet?

    Here's hoping you don't get too much ice! Seems like ice is far more common where you live than snow. An major ice storm always seems to roll through your area at least once a year. We get ice up here too, but it's more sporadic.

    Thanks for posting! I always enjoy seeing what you've been up too. It's actually one of my favorite parts about your blog. :D

    1. Aren't they, Christina?! They add such fun to life. Oh yes, they certainly do bring lots of smiles when watching them! Well, I'll try to get more goat-antics on video for you sometime. :)

      We have had some warm days here this winter - unusually so! I had to laugh a bit about your 'mud trap' . . . how well we can relate! So far our warm days have been preceded and followed by cold enough days that the ground doesn't really thaw so we're not into the mud . . . yet. :)

      I haven't started any garden planning yet, but I think I'll be starting soon. I've been thinking about it and planning a bit in my head and it's making me look forward to being back in the garden again! Have you started planning?

      Yes, we do seem to get fair bit of ice down here, and as you noticed, usually one major ice storm a year. This one hasn't begun yet, and now it looks like it likely won't until tonight sometime. Hopefully we won't get as much as they are forecasting!

      You're welcome for posting and thank you for commenting! I always enjoy hearing from you. :)

  3. Good Evening, Sarah -

    Thanks for sharing all your recent productivity with us, your faithful readers. Although we will not expect any "spring" like days up here on the Montana prairie for another 3 months, I sure enjoy the photos of your warm days. By the way, if you begin to feel a little chilled during y'alls forecasted ice storm, just remember that our high temperature today was negative 6 degrees ...


    1. You're welcome, Mrs. B, and thank you for your comment! I am glad you enjoyed our warm day photos. :)

      I had to laugh about what you said about remembering your temps up there . . . that is cold! Makes our below freezing days seem balmy. :) I'll be thinking of you up in frigid Montana this weekend!

  4. It is certainly a blessing to enjoy some warmer days in the winter. You and your family certainly accomplished a lot! Today is warmer, but rainy. So there is no chance to doing much outside. But it is a good day to stay indoors and sew. : )

    1. It is indeed, Sarah! Ah, a rainy day inside sewing sounds lovely. I am sure you enjoyed that!


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