Friday, April 21, 2017

A Disc Golf Outing

What a glorious spring we have been thoroughly enjoying here! With the beautiful weather the last few weeks, we have all been very busy with outdoor projects. It feels so good to be getting so much done! From cleaning out the rabbitry, hauling compost to the garden, planting nearly all the garden, preparing the barn for kidding (and having our first goat kids of the year born!), mulching flower gardens, celebrating Dad's birthday, and much more. Needless to say, there will be quite a bit to post about in the next little while. :)

To start off with, though, . . . a fun disc golf outing! Disc golf was something we had heard of, but never played until Ivan recently introduced us to it. One time when he was at our place, he, Leah, Dad and I threw some discs around our yard, and then earlier this week, he took Leah and I with him and Abel out to a really neat disc golf course.

Exploring a bit before beginning to play

One of the two beautiful creeks

The course is in a beautiful setting of woods, trees, and creeks, which made for a great atmosphere and added to the fun. Just walking through the course and taking in all the beauty around would have been enjoyment enough!

Even though Leah and I are rather lacking in our disc golf skills :), we all had such a blast! I didn't have my camera along so phone pictures will have to suffice . . . .

Ivan was so patient with us! Explaining how to play, helping us improve our throws, etc. There was a fair bit of good-natured teasing going around, too. :)

Abel is quite the little disc golfer!

Whoops! A disc in the creek. And it's not the only time it happened. :)

Helping Leah figure out how to throw better

Since we were running out of time, we skipped a few holes and walked to the ones nearer the end of the course.

There were a great many beautiful wildflowers blooming along the way . . . this one is Sweet William

Wild Violets nestled in the rocks

Abel figuring out where our next hole was located

Tree climbing intermission!

These two clambered up there like monkeys. :)

Abel and I climbing on another tree

Ivan getting ready to throw

Ivan and Leah
~ ❤ ~

We had such a fun time together and are looking forward to going out there again sometime! Our afternoon was finished off by Ivan treating us all to frozen custard, after which we stopped by the grocery store to pick up some things and then headed home.

The fun wasn't over yet, though, as the following day was Dad's birthday and there was a lot planned for then!


  1. You did have fun with your new game. I've never heard of disc golf, but one of our local courses does 'foot golf'. Not sure about that either!

    1. We did indeed, Elizabeth! I have never heard of foot golf . . . sounds interesting. :)

  2. Looks like fun! My husband just mentioned the other day that we should go play disc golf with the kids. I am a little hesitant to play because I am terrible at throwing a Frisbee. After reading your post though, it made me more willing to try sometime. Beautiful pictures!

    1. It was, Sarah! You should try it sometime! It is great family fun even if one isn't very good at throwing. :) It came more easily to me, though not for Leah but she still had a lot of fun. I am sure you all would enjoy it and have a great time together!

      Thanks. :)


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