Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kidding Time

It has been another really busy week so far! For me, the beautiful, warm first few days were filled with outdoor work such as planting 40+ tomato plants, hauling away construction scrap, and similar tasks, plus lots of indoor things, our ladies Bible study, and a fun shopping time with Mom and Leah. There is certainly never a lack of things to do in the springtime. :)

Our tomato plants started indoors grew really well this year - when this photo was taken, they were in the process of being hardened off.

Today the warm sunshine made its exit for awhile leaving behind chilly, rainy weather. Our garden is appreciating the moisture and more of the seeds are beginning to germinate which is always exciting to see. I love seeing the rows come to life with growing plants! (except for the weeds :) - I wouldn't mind not seeing any of those green living things in the garden!) But . . . that's all for another post once I can get some pictures on a sunny day.

This one catches up on the excitement of Aurora's kidding last week! It was a fast labor, but a bit eventful. Once we got home from Dad's birthday lunch, I checked on her and she was clearly in labor and was having strong pushing contractions. Leah and I hurried to change clothes and grab the kidding kit. I was back out there first and quickly could tell that something was not right.

Assistance was definitely needed! Dad, Ivan, and I got Aurora up on her feet so Leah could go in and do the manipulations needed. It took a fair bit of work first to figure out what exactly was going on inside! The kid had both front legs back and its head bent way forward with the chin tucked underneath the chest so in order to get it in a deliverable position, Leah had to find the front legs and pull them forward and find the head and bring it up. It was harder than it sounds and quite the process . . . my sister was pretty amazing. :)

Once the kid was in the right position, he was quickly born. Another kid, a beautiful paint doeling followed next. And then . . . another buckling! Yes, Aurora gave us our first set of Boer triplets! We had wondered if she might as she was huge. Thankfully mama goat and babies are all doing well and she easily accepted all three of them. She's a great mom and is caring for them wonderfully.

Shortly after all three were born . . . Aurora was still cleaning them up and the first two were figuring out how to stand on their wobbly legs.

It's always exciting to have goat kids born! So amazing to see new life come into the world . . . and to see how God created within the animals the instincts for them to know how to care for their young.

Being born is hard work! The first kid found a comfy resting place right next to Leah

Once the kids were all safely here and had had some time with Aurora, Leah and I did a few vet related things with them. After that, nothing more was needed for the first two, though the third kid needed help with nursing for the first 24 hours or so. We had really hoped that if we ever had Boer triplets that we wouldn't need to bottle feed so we're thankful it wasn't necessary.

The first buckling exploring 

The adorable paint doeling (we'll be keeping her!)

Naptime today

Goat kids are so fun and these three seem especially sweet. They love attention! A few days after they were born, Leah took the below video on her phone of them learning how to play - or at least one of them :) - which is always entertaining to see . . . .

(She took the video after spending some time with them, hence her comments at the end.)

Now we're waiting for our second (and last) kidding of the season . . .

Sienna is due this Friday and I think she is more than ready!


  1. What a sweet video! Baby goats are so playful. I think it sounds as though Leah is almost a veterinary nurse!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Elizabeth! Yes, she is. :) She has a natural ability with animals and their veterinary care!

  2. Oh, my! The goat kids are so cute!! My little girl enjoyed seeing their pictures and watched the video twice. It is wonderful that Leah was able to assist the mother goat with the birthing, she is very skilled!

    1. Aren't they, Sarah?! And even more so when you can see them in-person and watch their antics. It made me smile to hear that your little girl enjoyed the pictures and video!

      Yes, Leah is very skilled! She has a natural ability and does such a good job with all the animals' care.

  3. I am so happy that Leah was able to reposition the kid and that three were safely born. What a beautiful blessing for you all. Enjoy them while they are young. Anything baby is adorable.

    1. We were, too, Suze! And yes, it was indeed a blessing. We certainly are enjoying them. :) They are at a fun age!


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