Friday, June 9, 2017

Invitation Making

Making the wedding invitations was an involved and fun process!

Leah addressing envelopes

Meanwhile we listened to the Piano Guys 

Leah did all the labor for making the invitations save for assembling the pieces and parts . . . she designed them, printed the papers and cut them all out, and then Leah and I had an 'invitation taping morning' with our friend Meagan to tape all the pieces together with double sided tape . . . .

We're finished! Meagan and I with one of the invitations (and with the wedding date, time, location cloned out. :) 

On another day, Leah hot glued the burlap/lace ribbon on every invitation. Here they are drying before being put in the envelopes. 

It was a fun step to put the invitations in the envelopes, and then they were ready to seal and send on their way!

It was definitely exciting to have them finished and sent out. As Leah said, it makes their upcoming wedding seem even more real. :) Perhaps not quite as much, though, as when her special order wedding dress came in the mail! Only about three more months to go!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Time with Abel

Another catch up post :) . . . .

Awhile back, Mom, Ivan and Leah spent a day in town to look at items for the house (carpets, etc.), set up their wedding registry, and do some wedding shopping. They had such a fun time together! Meanwhile, I had the fun of spending the day with Abel . . . I had quite a bit of work to do that day, but we squeezed in lots of together time, plus lots of interaction while he was in the living room and I in the kitchen working.

He is such a special boy, and I love the times spent with him! So glad he is going to be my nephew! And of course, so glad to be gaining such a great brother-in-law, too. :) We are very blessed!

A couple of photos were taken during the day so here is a glimpse into our time . . . .

He loves to exercise! He brought out our mat and started doing push-ups, showing me how many he could do in a row

He has been doing really well with learning to read and loves books. He pulled this one on lions off the shelf and began sounding out the words. It isn't an easy reading level, and he did a great job!

The words that he didn't know, I would help him sound out, sometimes covering part of the word so he could read it syllable by syllable.

Covering part of the word while he sounded it out 

Thanks to the mention of "14,000 years ago . . . ." in the book, there was a good opportunity to talk with him about biblical creation and what evolution is and why the latter isn't true. It was one of a number of great conversations we were able to have.

Partway through the day, we took some time to finish up a homeschool homework page he had left to do which was on the letter 'v'. One of the pictures that he colored was a Violin . . . and so I pulled out my violin so he could play on it a bit, too. He loved that!

A budding musician!

Next up is a post about wedding preparations . . . to be more precise: making the invitations! (which have all been sent out now.) Plus there's a post to come about another workday out at Ivan's house. It is exciting to see all the progress being made!