Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Days

This is going to be a picture filled post! A catch-up of a tiny bit of what has been filling our lives the past little while. Life has been so busy with wedding preparations, business work, canning, construction at Ivan's, and much, much more. Hence the lack of posting!

Little Friends Come Visiting

So fun to enjoy our yearly tradition again and have our sweet little friends come out and see the baby goats! We had such an enjoyable time together . . . .

Top Photo: feeding our older does branches which both the goats and the children loved! They kept running over asking for us to break off more branches for them to feed. The wonder and excitement on their faces was priceless!

Left photo: petting one of Sienna's bucklings (speaking of which, she eventually accepted them which was a definite blessing!)

Right photo: the children wanted to feed the rabbits carrots so they each pulled one from the garden to give to them. The rabbits weren't too keen on them, but the kids still had fun!

(Photos courtesy of Molly - thanks so much, Molly!) 

Petting one of the baby rabbits . . . it was at this point that they said they wanted to feed it a carrot 

House Church

How we love our times with our church! Each Sunday together is such an encouragement in the Lord and a blessing to hear solid teaching from the word of God which never fails to encourage and convict, to sing together, share in communion and a meal. Plus the fellowship together is always wonderful!

The other Sunday when it was at our house and after the meal while we sat around visiting, I snapped this picture of some of us . . . .

A Swarm!

During swarm season, Mom joined Dad in capturing a swarm that had gathered in one of our apple trees. They had fun together (and it was fun watching and listening to them!)

The swarm

Figuring out how best to remove it

Sister Time

Way back in May, Dad and Mom took a week and a half long trip together visiting beautiful places in Nebraska, historic sites, and family. During their adventure, Leah and I kept busy at home (and was when we did all those invitations) and also had a fun sister outing to a state park. I left my camera behind this time simply to fully enjoy everything without taking pictures. It was fun for a change! We did take this one of us both right before leaving . . . .

Sisters and best of friends

Celebrating Abel's Birthday

It was special to celebrate Abel's birthday with him! What a fun day we had all together! From opening gifts, playing with some of them, having cake and ice cream with our church family (the night before), going to "Going Bonkers" (one of Abel's favorite places), laughing, and simply having a wonderful time together celebrating this special guy's 6th birthday.

Opening gifts

Reading the message Mom wrote in the front of the book

Therapeutic Riding Center

Leah and I have been loving our times out at the Therapeutic Riding Center. The summer session is over halfway done, and it has been filled with many much enjoyed and special moments. (Due to privacy reasons and not sharing identifiable photos of the riders, I don't have many photos to share, but here are a few) . . .

Leah helping one of 'our' sweet riders with this game. They were working on color matching, too, which she did so well at!

Fun times with Will's sisters (Will is a very special boy that I have worked with the last three or so years at the center. He and his sisters are the ones that came out to see the goats, too.)

 And last but not least, work days at Ivan's!

The below photos are from quite some time ago and a lot more progress has been made since then. I really need to get some updated photos!

Mom removing nails from the studs after all the lathe and plaster had been removed 

Dad working on the kitchen ceiling 

Abel was everybody's helper! Here, he was helping me remove nails 

Great job, Abel! 

Leah measuring and cutting boards for Ivan 

They are really enjoying working on their home together! 

Me removing hundreds of nails from the ceiling rafters

Abel picked up all the nails that were removed . . . he thought it was an adventure to try to find them all!

Helping Dad run wiring through a hole up to Leah on the other side 

Ivan cutting out some of the old studs to replace with a newly framed doorway 

Mom cleaning up with Abel keeping her company 

Both the guys busy at work 

Last week, Ivan's  parents and younger sister came down to help, and everyone got so much done! I was watching the kids during the day I was able to go up, so unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the busy work crew and all they accomplished. But here are some of our adventures . . . .

Brooke, Me and Abel . . . someone (ahem, Abel :) was having too much fun trying to avoid the camera!

In the afternoon, I brought the kids to the hotel pool for them to swim. They had a blast!

Helping Abel swim laps across the pool . . . he was taking a breath here before putting his face back under water. He is doing great with his swimming!

And there you have a quick summary of a glimpse into our lives. I need to get some photos to share from around our place and the garden again as things have grown and changed a lot since the last one!

The last few months have certainly been full . . . and wonderful. God has been richly blessing my family and I and we are so thankful for all He has done and is doing! I have been thinking much on His faithfulness to us and how intimately He works in our lives. How He teaches us, molds us, helps us grow in Him, fills us with His joy and peace as we fix our minds on Him, and blesses us far beyond what we even hope for.

One way has been Ivan and Leah's relationship . . . their wedding is fast approaching and before long their lives will be joined as one before God and family and friends. We are thrilled and thankful for what the Lord has done and will do in their lives!

My heart is so full and thankful . . . and excited to see what all the Lord has ahead of us in these coming months!

"Bless the Lord, O my soul, and let all that is within me, bless His holy name." Psalm 103:1


  1. What a lovely busy time you have had recently. Summer is always a time with so much going on in the garden....but I don't think I would have liked the swarm of bees!
    I can imagine that your next few weeks are going to be very much concerned with wedding preparations now. What a lovely time.

    1. It has been, Elizabeth! Summer always is busy, and this one is abundantly so. I am sure you are staying busy with your little garden, too. I hope it is producing well for you!

      Yes, the next few weeks will for sure include wedding preparations and a great deal more as well. So much to fill our days right now! Yes, it is indeed a lovely time!

  2. I have enjoyed reading this catch up post. What a full and busy time you are enjoying with your family. God bless always.

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Suze! Yes, it has certainly been that. Blessings to you, too! I hope you are well!

  3. How nice to see an update from you. You have definitely been busy but even when you and your family are working I can see the joy there as well. Family closeness is so special. :) I was wondering how your family started a home church. My husband and I are thinking of starting one but are at a loss as how to begin, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Have a blessed rest of the week.

    1. Thank you, Angela! I am glad that you enjoyed it. Yes, as we have been busy, there is definitely much joy as well. So many blessings and things to thank the Lord for! I would agree, family closeness is very special. I am incredibly thankful for mine.

      That is wonderful that you and your husband are thinking of starting a home church! I will be praying for wisdom and direction for you both in this. How we started ours was first a significant amount of study by my dad regarding everything that Scripture teaches regarding the church, how it is to function, etc. as we very much desired to have God's Word be the guide and foundation for it. Then we spread the word around to people we knew and began! We later built a website which has connected us with others who we had not personally known previously. I hope this helps answer your question, and if you have any specific questions, please just send me an e-mail and I/we would be happy to answer them if we can!

  4. Looks like a wonderful time! We had a great time at house church last week!

    1. Very much so, Nathana! We're glad you did! It was so nice to have you all join us!

  5. Oh my, Sarah. Your days are full indeed, and this is only a tiny representation!:-) I am in awe of how God daily provides the energy and time for you to accomplish so much. I also admire how you find joy in all that you do. I doubt that anything is ever drudgery for you! It is refreshing indeed.

    We are just about 3 weeks away from Bianca's wedding day! The time has flown, as I'm sure your family can attest to. But we have so enjoyed the preparation! Looks like the same can be said for you:-)

    Looks like Leah is getting practice holding little babies:-) She will make a wonderful Mom to Abel, and to other little ones someday!


    1. Yes, they have been quite full, Betsy! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! I must admit, some days I do not have the energy or the time I would like, and some things do have to go by the wayside, but at least the important things are being done! I am thankful for how God does provide, and I am learning even more to trust Him with 'my to-do list' and all that needs to be done. I do very much desire and seek to have a heart of joy no matter what I am doing and I really love doing so many things, but there are those days that some tasks do feel more like drudgery. :)

      Only two weeks now until Bianca's wedding! So excited for you all! Yes, the time does indeed seem to fly. I hope that the remaining preparations will go smoothly and will be enjoyed for you all. And I pray the Lord richly bless and guide in their marriage!

      Leah is a natural with babies and children. :) She will indeed be a wonderful mom to Abel and any other children they are blessed with! It is going to be so special to see her filling that role!

  6. Linda CarmichaelAugust 01, 2017

    I enjoyed your blog so much! I've been thinking of all you Busy Bees. Loving families are such a Blessing. Will Ivan & Leah's home be finished in time or will there be some last minute things to finish up?
    You will all need a vacation before the wedding to rest up! I'm sure the excitement keeps all of you running on Love and God's Blessing's.
    Love to all

    1. Thanks so much for your comment here, Linda! It was a most pleasant surprise. :) I am glad that you enjoyed the post!

      Yes, indeed loving families are such a blessing. Their home will still need work by the time they marry, but they'll be moving in! There has been a lot of fun and productive workdays out there lately, and it is exciting to see the progress.

      A vacation sounds nice afterwards! All of us will be able to enjoy that actually. :) It will be good to get away for a bit!

      Love you, too! We'll miss seeing you at the wedding!

  7. It's so nice to hear about your busy summer, Sarah. The swarming bees are amazing. We had a beekeeping friend remove a swarm from a nearby tree one time.
    Special family times coming up with the wedding:-) Blessings to all,
    Love, Anne ♥

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Anne! It has been very busy, yet wonderful. We're down to two weeks and two days to the wedding so it's even busier now! Such exciting, special times! God has been really blessing and this is indeed a joy and thanksgiving-filled season!

      Swarming bees are amazing. How neat that you are a swarm removed before! They are fun to capture.

      I hope you and your family are well and that life on the farm this summer has been good and productive for you all!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)