Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Time with Friends

Laura and Emily's Visit

Laughter, hugs, long conversations, late nights, a movie and ice cream, encouragement, shower planning were all wonderful parts of Laura and Emily's quick weekend trip here. What a blessing and encouragement it was to spend that time with them! Other than the shower, we took some other photos from a walk we enjoyed together . . .

Emily and Leah a ways ahead 

The evening was gorgeous . . . Laura and I stopped often to simply soak it in and talk 

 Picking roadside flowers

The evening sunlight was lovely! 

Best of friends! And better yet . . . sisters in the Lord.

Creek Play

What fun to get together with Molly and her four children for a fun morning playing in the creek and exploring caves!

Throwing rocks in the water

Yay! Big splash!

See the fish?

It has been a great blessing to enjoy many special times with friends and family this summer! 


  1. What fun the children had in the water! I guess you all got a bit wet!

    1. They did! And yes, we did get wet. :) It was fun!

  2. I'd love to see a picture from your sisters wedding! It must have been wonderful! Linn

    1. They will be coming, Linn, and hopefully soon! Life has been so crazy full since then, though I hope to have a post up before long. It was indeed very wonderful!!!

  3. Looks like a fun time!
    Thanks for my order, Sarah. Hope all is well with you. ♥
    God bless

  4. Thank you for your comment, Anne! It was indeed fun. :)

    You're welcome! All is indeed well . . . and I finally have a new post up!


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